LinkedIn QuickFix

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LinkedIn QuickFix

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Thank you again for purchasing and we’re thrilled to have you here.

LinkedIn QuickFix, also called LQX, is an online video course specifically for people who want to build their profile and brand on LinkedIn, and find work, NOW.

LQX is a standalone quick course which can be combined with my more thorough course Create Great LinkedIn Profiles – but we can talk more about that later.


Course structure

LQX is filled with how-to videos, worksheets, contact scripts and templates that you can start using straight away today.

The course is pedagogically structured in 5 modules systematically taking you through the steps of building you a LinkedIn profile that gets you work.

At the end of each module you’ll get some homework to do to prepare you for the next module. Make sure to check it out.

I guarantee you that by following the steps in this course you will have a great LinkedIn profile plus get more relevant views, leads and meetings – so that you find work fast.


Quick wins you get from this course:

  • a great LinkedIn profile
  • know how to promote yourself successfully with LinkedIn
  • relevant views, contacts, and leads

BONUS: Our Facebook Group

This course will take you a long way. And we’ve noticed that a lot of people, in addition to the course, want to learn from each other and exchange ideas about their profiles.

To this end, we’d like to invite you to our Facebook group, where all course participants can interact and learn from each other. Join the group HERE.

Ready? Let’s get going. Please scroll to Module 1.